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Our truly bespoke service, where Frances works one-on-one directly with a client to repurpose vintage or heirloom pieces into a customized creation tailored to a client's specific request. Custom appointments are booked with the retailer, on the client's behalf, in conjunction with an in-store event, or remote with our Sloane Street Studio

Contact a Sloane Retailer in your area for information on the next SS Custom Trunk Show or set up an appointment to work one-on-one with our head designer, remotely, in our brand new state-of-the-art Sloane Street Studio.

"I've always loved to design around stones, not fit stones into a design. Each stone is purposefully placed and has a story behind it."



"Each stone is so special to each piece. It is all hand sorted, including our melee."



Sorting Hauynite- one of the top 10 rarest stones in the world

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